TIP – Don't cheat yourself

Tongs are a steak's best friend. A fork? Not so much. With each piercing from your fork, your steak oozes its full-flavoured juiciness leaving you with butchered beef jerky instead.  Use the BBQ Buddy long tongs to gently turn your food without poking holes into it.

TIP - The cut test

Don't do it! Cutting steaks to test for readiness while cooking will leak flavours and tenderness, much like a fork. Test the steaks with tongs. Rare is very soft when pressed, medium is springy and well done is very firm.

TIP - Need a hand?

Steaks become firmer as they cook so to see and feel just how well cooked they are here's a nifty trick:

TIP – Scorch your steaks not your eyebrows.

We highly recommend you lightly oil the steak and not the hotplate. Not only will it stop your steaks from sticking but it will minimise the risk of your barbeque flaming up and you won't have to put up with the nasty smell (and taste) of burnt oil.

TIP – Clowns juggle. You don't.

The perfect steak only takes just a single flip as it toughens and dries with each turn.  Simply let the steak cook on one side until moisture appears, then flip over with your BBQ Spatula.

TIP– Keep your grills shining

Barbecued food is a quick and easy way to cook up a feast. Yet after every good meal comes the dreaded clean-up.  Our BBQ Grill Brush & Scrubber will make cleaning a whole lot easier. Scrubbing up will pay off, not only resulting in endless delicious meals but a longer lasting BBQ. Which ultimately saves you money.

Cleaning Grates
Few people know that the best way to clean your grates is after you grill and not before. This is because any remaining food cleans off warm grills easier, than cold grills which have been left to harden. Just grab your BBQ Grill Brush & Scrubber to scrape, scrub and brush down your grill plate. For cast iron grill plates brush on some oil with a paper towel to keep it in top shape.

Charcoal Grills
Don't be like most folk and just dump the ash. While you're there get your BBQ Brush & Scrubber to sweep out the ash and scrub the grime build up left on the bottom of  your grill (and no, having an 'ash catcher' is no excuse to skip this). Clean and you will cut down on extra smoke and bad flavours while continually enjoying quality results.

Gas Grills
Only fools believe that the 'clean' knob on your BBQ actually cleans. All it really does is burn up all the stuff that has fallen into the grill. Like a charcoal grill you should lift out the grates and scrub clean. Note that regularly you will need to clean the barrier above the burner from cooked grease and food scraps.

TIP – Keeping your stainless steel, well, stainless

We won't lie. Birds will sing, grass will grow and even the highest quality stainless steel will discolour from heat and corrode from grease given the time. There is no stopping it. But there are ways you can prolong the life of your tools. It's no secret, wash your tools in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly after use.


TIP– No match for lighters

Beer? Check. Meat? Check. Matches? ..Matches?! Don't waste your time frantically searching for matches. Choose between a wind-proof BBQ Gas Lighter or a bendable BBQ Gas Lighter for hard to reach places. They're easy to use and even easier to find than matches.

TIP – Out of the frying pan and into the fire

Unless you have a gas BBQ, there's a world of difference in the cooking temperatures between your stove and your BBQ. Whereas on your stove it may be easy to regulate the heat to low or high, your BBQ isn't so idiot-proof. Get your hands on the BBQ Buddy Hood Thermometer to get the ideal temperature of 210 to 225 degrees. This is the best temperature to draw out tenderness though it may be a wait so start early!

TIP – Stop nursing the BBQ

Although the hood thermometer provides you with the ideal temperature for your BBQ how do you know what's really going down with your meat? Heat escapes each time you lift the lid to check on the meat adding to your cooking time which may cause the meat to dry out in the process. Although the hood thermometer helps you get the ideal temperature, cooking meats vary between type, size, and thickness. Save yourself the trouble and invest in a meat thermometer. One quick glance is all it takes to check on your meats temperature.

TIP – Where there's smoke, there's fire.

Starting a fire may get tricky if you're on a charcoal grill but a chimney starter will get one going in no time. It's the simplest way to light up the coal and get an even heat across your barbeque. All you need to do is fill the Chimney starter up with coal and stuff the bottom tightly with some newspaper. Place the chimney starter on your food grate and set it on fire. Once the coals are ready, pour them evenly into the grill.

TIP – Waste not, want not.

It's shocking to see some of you pour perfectly good beer all over your steaks thinking it will taste better. All it does is cause your meat to stew and your BBQ to flare up, turning your meat tough and grey. Resist the urge to overkill your meat and use a BBQ basting brush instead to lightly touch up your BBQ with marinade before turning.

TIP – Wipe the grate clean

At some point or another you may want to barbeque something other than meat. What comes to mind are tomatoes, rice, beans, onions, pineapples or whatever else that may tickle your pickle.  You could use a standard kitchen pan and wrap it in aluminium foil but if you're anything like us you'll save yourself the hassle of cleaning and get yourself some disposable aluminium trays. If you need something more durable and don't want to risk your $200 frying pan, try our reusable BBQ enamel drip trays. They're great to use time and time again in BBQ's, ovens and best yet, dishwashers.

TIP – Buzz off!

BBQ in the summer...Heavenly if it weren't for the mob of flies that always seem to attack you and your food while you eat. If you'd like one less problem we recommend you to use food tents to cover your BBQ and salads.

TIP – Taste like chicken

We all love our lamb chops, pork ribs and steaks on the barbie but who says you can't throw a whole chicken as well? All you'll need is a BBQ Rotisserie Spit Kit. What it does is roast your meat on the BBQ (not grill) by slow rotation that allows its own juices to continually marinade as it cooks. Enjoy your BBQ flavoured tender meat under a pleasantly crisp surface.

TIP – Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

You aren't using your BBQ to its full potential if you haven't tried a smoker box. Tender, juicy meat that melts in your mouth and explodes with flavour is what you can get with one. Our BBQ Smoker Boxes are available in cast iron or stainless steel. Perfect for smoking steak, chicken, fish, ribs and so on. Before adding the woodchips to your smoker box first soak them in water for at least 5 minutes. Note that when you see smoke you should begin cooking. Smoking will only last between 15-20 minutes so it's vital you get the most out of it.


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